College professor is experiencing a “slow-down” in his love-life with his wife…

College professor is experiencing a “slow-down” in his s*x-life with his wife…
… so he is trying to figure out how to spice it up. He is hearing that there is a foreign student who has a lot of luck with girls on the campus so he decides to ask him for advice.

“Paolo, how are you doing it?”
“Well professor, right before I am about to do it with a girl, I whip my junk out and slam it on a wall 3 times. Girls love it for some reason”

The professor decides to take the rest of the day off to surprise his wife and have a “romantic” afternoon.

He comes home and hears that his wife is taking a shower. He undresses and walks into the bathroom. There is steam on the shower glass so his wife is not seeing him just yet. He whips out his “package” and slams it on the glass shower door 3 times.

His wife jumps up excitedly: “Paolo, is that you?”

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