Cindy Crawford was told to remove Mole’They called it an ugly mark’

Cindy Crawford was instructed to get rid of her well-known beauty mark.

The 54-year-old supermodel started her modelling career in high school, but was advised to get her recognisable mole above her lip removed.
Before I did an American Vogue cover, I believe I did a British Vogue cover with David Bailey. On the British Vogue cover, they removed the retouching. She informed Naomi Campbell for her limited series No Filter With Naomi that there was a cover of me out there without a mole.

“My first modelling agency was in Chicago when I moved there,” I recall. I can’t even recall the name of the little, obscure agency. They advised me to take it out, and my mother responded, “Okay, you may do that, but you have no idea how the scar will seem. You are aware of the appearance of your beauty mark “‘
Cindy ultimately chose to maintain her mole, although several newspapers attempted to conceal it with cosmetics or have it removed from images because they viewed it as an imperfection.
So, I started modelling a little bit, and in Chicago, some people tried to hide it, she explained.

You can’t hide my mole because otherwise it would look like a huge pimple, and it isn’t flat. Chicago appeared good, but occasionally they would retouch it off while I worked in Japan.
Cindy responded, “I didn’t really,” when Naomi questioned how she felt about having her face touched up. “As a kid, I loathed having a beauty mark,” she remarked. It was described as an unpleasant blemish by my sister. We constantly seem to want what we don’t have, in my opinion. Girls with straight hair always desire curly hair, just as girls with curly hair do.

She posed for American Vogue, but the photographers chose to leave her pictures unaltered, giving her that recognisable spot.

She said, “I didn’t sure if they would leave it on or not when I did my first American Vogue cover with Richard Avedon and Polly Melon, but then they did, and I guess once it was on the front of American Vogue then it wasn’t an issue anymore.”
Cindy now views her beauty mark as a means of assisting women in feeling confident in their own skin.

Many women have beauty marks, she continued, and seeing me on the cover of Vogue or in a magazine with my beauty mark made them feel more at ease with their own.

Kaia and Presley, two of Cindy’s children who also model, are the products of her marriage to Rande Gerber.

A top model as a young adult: Here she is seen in the 1980s in clothes from Gianni Versace, shot by Arthur Elgort from Conde Nast

The mole stays! 'When I did my first American Vogue cover with Richard Avedon and Polly Melon, I didn't know if they would leave it on or not, and then they did and I think once it was on the cover of American Vogue then it wasn't an issue anymore,' she said


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