Christina Ricci says she once ‘stayed n-ked’ while ‘talking to crew members’ between takes on film set

Christina Ricci has spoken candidly about her experiences with nudity on film sets.

The Yellowjackets actress remembered a scene-heavy movie shoot, saying she had remained naked in between takes to make it seem more normal to the cast and crew.

In an Actors on Actors interview with Sydney Sweeney from the movie Euphoria, Ricci revealed: “Once I had to do a movie where I was pretty much naked the entire time. The fact that other people were uncomfortable with me being naked was what made me feel the most uneasy.

I stayed naked, which is something you probably wouldn’t be able to do today. Don’t make me feel awkward or like I need to be ashamed, I pleaded. I talked to the team while bare.

Ricci did not explain which movie she was alluding to, despite the fact that the performer has had numerous naked scenes throughout her career.
To forget that she was naked, she remarked, “I wanted everyone around me to cease reacting to it.” “And it succeeded. But it’s one of the very few occasions I’ve ever felt truly at ease being completely exposed on camera.

Sweeney has previously been open about her encounters with on-screen nudity.

Sweeney stated in a lengthy interview with The Independent that she believed her work on Euphoria was undervalued due to her nudity. She said, “I’m quite happy of my work in Euphoria. “I felt the performance was fantastic. But since I was exposed, no one talks about it.

She continued by saying she thought “actresses who become naked on screen” were stigmatised.

“Girls still win honours and receive applause when they participate in sex scenes or expose their bodies. But when a girl does it, everything changes,” she remarked.


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