Catherine Zeta-Jones, embarrassing scene with a 25-year-old Girl

The actress will appear in a brand-new movie alongside Justin Bartha, John Schneider, and the wife of Michael Douglas.

In one of the sequences, Aram and Michael Douglas’ real-life wife engage in an intense encounter that leaves them both exposed and about to engage in sexual activity. Unfortunately for her admirers, her 8-year-old kid wakes up and enters the room during the encounter, startling the couple.


Zeta-Jones claimed that she is aware that the seductive woman roles that she had previously been offered are going to become less common and that she needs to seize the last opportunities before acting solely as a mother or grandma.

In her new movie, “The Rebound,” the stunning “Catherine Zeta-Jones,” who will play the role of Sandy, an alluring mature woman, at the age of 40, will be seen in a heated sequence with a 25-year-old.In the movie, Sandy, a stay-at-home mother of two, will awaken Aram, her 25-year-old lover, to his baser desires. In the movie, “Justin Bartha” and “John Schneider” will both play roles.


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