5G-capable rugged military computer that weighs 2.2 pounds

For mobile field workers, Handheld Group in Lidköping, Sweden, is releasing the Algiz RT10 ultra-rugged 10-inch Android tablet computer. The Algiz RT10 has a high-resolution 10-inch touchscreen, weighs 2.2 pounds, and has an IP67 classification that makes it resistant to the impacts of water, dust, shock, and severe temperatures. It supports live video streaming in … Read more

Apple Says iPhones Will Finally Get USB-C Ports ,But Not for Everyone

Apple has finally announced that the iPhone will include USB-C connections. The European Union enacted regulations earlier this month requiring all smartphones and tablets sold in the EU by the year 2024 to include USB-C charging connectors. A corporation like Apple, which sells iPhones with the identical physical design worldwide, will be greatly impacted by … Read more

From Sand to Silicon: The Huge Endeavor to Produce a Tiny Intel Wafer Chips

More than 50 billion extremely tiny transistors, each 10,000 times thinner than a human hair, are installed on some Intel wafers. They are produced in enormous, immaculate industrial rooms with floors that can reach seven stories high and span four football fields. In many ways, microchips represent the backbone of the contemporary economy. They supply … Read more

Here’s How They Do Maintenance on the F-16 Fighting Falcon

Since we at autoevolution first began exploring the world of military technology, we’ve already seen some incredible pieces of machinery on our screens. The majority of the time, though, we have witnessed them in action carrying out their intended functions. These military assets must be maintained because they are machines, and that maintenance typically occurs … Read more

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