Apple Says iPhones Will Finally Get USB-C Ports ,But Not for Everyone

Apple has finally announced that the iPhone will include USB-C connections. The European Union enacted regulations earlier this month requiring all smartphones and tablets sold in the EU by the year 2024 to include USB-C charging connectors. A corporation like Apple, which sells iPhones with the identical physical design worldwide, will be greatly impacted by this decision. And to charge and connect accessories, all of those iPhones currently use Apple’s exclusive Lightning connector.

Apple officially announced this week that the iPhone will get USB-C connectors. Greg Joswiak, senior vice president of global marketing at Apple, told Wall Street Journal reporter Joanna Stern that USB-C connectors would soon be available.

During this week’s WSJ Tech Live conference, Joswiak remarked, “Governments get to do what they’re going to do.” “We’ll have to comply, of course. We are powerless.

Apple is obviously not really pleased with the decision. The business has long opposed this transformation. Controlling every aspect of its product line is at the core of Apple’s business philosophy. The corporation increased the number of streaming service options it offered and switched from Intel chips to its own custom silicon as a result. The objective is to always keep clients beneath the Apple dome. Another element of that plan was the iPhone’s proprietary charger. Users of iPhones would have to purchase those charging cords directly from Apple, so to speak.

Of course, the demise of the Lightning cord won’t have much of an impact on Apple’s bottom line. Next year, it’ll probably fully embrace USB-C, perhaps even touting the new port as a means of reducing excessive e-waste at its next spectacular iPhone launch event. However, the forced alteration demonstrates how tenaciously the firm wants to hold on to its favourites, or at the very least, how it prefers to adapt its products on its own timetable as opposed to someone else’s.

There is presently no information available regarding what will happen to the Lightning ports found on Apple Pencil, Magic Trackpad, and other peripherals that use the connector.


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