Carla Gugino talks going n-de in new TV series ‘Jett’

Carla Gugino plays a badass in the new TV show “Jett,” which premieres on Friday. I’m not sure how that part of her looks, but the rest of her is fantastic. size of a bulging kneecap for a waist. Eyelashes longer than the future wall of Mexico. Gorgeous.

I portray a robber in this who doesn’t care what other people think of her, says Carla. I’m a person with abilities. My character is sensible. Do whatever is necessary to complete a task. She missteps. is sentenced to five years in prison. opens up. She reasoned that she had to lead a moral life.


No maternal instincts exist in her. Imagine a young, tough woman who is Clint Eastwood.


“She eventually receives employment, but this causes her to network with more violent crooks and she meets an old flame. In bed. There is also a lengthy love scene.

I ask what it’s like to go nude since I don’t see any reason to hastily skip over it.

“First, the lighting is excellent. lacks a sidelight. body paint. I’m fortunate because you have to have faith in the director. You discuss the shots they are taking. Yes, you do feel exposed. However, you are aware that the other party is equally complicit. also anxious

“My character pays homage to the actress Ava Gardner in a sequence in Havana.

How about Carla’s life off-screen?

I recently paid my dad a visit in Florida. He’s 90. I brought him healing crystals as soon as he left the hospital. I’m inspired by him. Father’s Day is on Sunday, but I fly to Berlin the following day. “Gunpowder Milkshake” is a nonstop action film starring Angela Bassett and Michelle Yeoh.

Totally action-packed film? Discreet love scenes? The person who requires healing crystals is her.

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