Bob Went To A Clinic For A Checkup AND ….

He was instructed to take off his clothes and put on a gown by the nurse so the doctor could examine him. “Ahead of you?” Shyly, he asks. Says the nurse: “Well, no, but I have previously seen a human body.

The man uttered, Not one like mine, though. You’d pass out from laughter at my body. The nurse assured the patient, “Of course, I won’t laugh. I’m a professional. Never once in more than twenty years have I laughed at a patient.

The patient replied, “Okay then,” before lowering his pants to display a gigantic masculine body and the smallest adult male genitalia the nurse had ever seen. It resembled a AAA battery in both length and width. The Nurse struggled vainly to suppress her giggle, but it just burst out.She then began to laugh as she was already laughing. She tried to maintain her composure after feeling awfully guilty for making fun of the man’s privates. – “I’m very sorry. I don’t know what happened to me. I swear it won’t happen again on the basis of my integrity as a nurse and as a lady. Tell me now, what seems to be the issue.- Bob responded, “It’s swelled.”

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