Ariel Winter Opens Up on Breast Reduction Surgery

“Modern Family,” viewers have watched Ariel Winter develop on television.

Online bullying appeared concurrently with the public scrutiny. She found that the emphasis on her curvy body was the hardest thing.


“I remember walking down the red carpet, seeing the pictures later, and realizing that every headline was about my cleavage and not my talent. It’s not a matter of, “Oh, if they liked the dress.” Not about my true purpose for being there or anything I wanted to make public. And I found it quite disheartening that in today’s media, everyone is focused on how individuals appear, added Winter.

And people don’t think I read comments, so it’s incredibly difficult. She remarked of those who live in the public eye, “I guess it maybe seems like we don’t have feelings or we’re, like, indestructible, but we’re really not.
Winter made the decision to get breast reduction surgery last year. She went from a 32F bra size to a 32D after the treatment.

She explained that for a small girl to be growing up so quickly was “awkward.”

She remarked, “You know, you’re only twelve yet you’re developing a lot.

I made it for me.
She needed the surgery because she was in “excruciating pain” as a result of her condition.

I was unable to sit up straight. I always found sleeping to be quite uncomfortable. It was difficult to sit. Walking was painful, she claimed.

When she and her friends went shopping, she recalls having meltdowns in the changing rooms because she couldn’t find a swimming suit with a top that fit her.

Winter claimed, “I just didn’t feel right, and I did it for myself.

Many people thought she underwent surgery as a result of caving to unfavorable public pressure. Winter clarified the situation.

“That was definitely not why I acquired it… I don’t give a damn what people think of me, she declared.

Winter’s response when asked if the surgery had altered her life was, “It certainly did. Really, it did. My perception of myself has clearly changed as a result. It altered how I physically felt. Really, all it did was give me so much more confidence that I no longer need to fake. I simply feel capable of confidence.

At the Screen Actors Guild Awards event in January, Winter garnered even more attention when she appeared in an open-backed gown that displayed her incision scars.

The amusing thing is that I failed to notice them. She said that she hadn’t considered covering the scars. “I didn’t even pause to ponder…

I was shocked to hear so many remarks from individuals instructing me to cover up my scars because they were disgusting. And given that they are a part of me, I find that to be absolutely absurd. They won’t disappear.

There is nothing wrong with them, she continued. And I think it’s very flawed that so many people believe that scars prevent us from being attractive.
The kind of scrutiny that women and girls encounter every day, particularly those who work in front of cameras, “very troubled” Winter.

Women are “very over-sexualized” in the profession, she claimed, and “on the red carpet, we’re always going to be scrutinized.”

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