Anna Kendrick disagreed to shooting int-m-te scenes.

Pitch Perfect 3 definitely would have turned out to be a terribly tasteless movie without Anna Kendrick.

Last week, the celebrity said she had to reject demands “from the top” that the Bellas’ attire should be “tighter, sexier, and expose more skin.”

She later claimed on Tuesday that she would not be participating in a plot line that was “fucking troublesome.”

Theo tries to convince the 32-year-old actress to join him as a solo artist, but she declines because they already have a working connection.

“Can no one else [see it]? I thought. Everyone said, “I think so,” when I said it. The higher-ups didn’t mind that she didn’t like the plot, but they tried to smuggle in a diluted love scene that she also didn’t like. The actress said, “And they still wanted to have a version at the end when we kissed, and I still said no.

In the third film, Kendrick’s Beca is acclaimed as the Bellas’ star after the a cappella group comes together for a last time for a singing competition on an overseas USO tour.

Theo and DJ Khaled, who makes a cameo, choose her to kick off his upcoming solo tour.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar UK, Kendrick revealed that the music executive had initially been approached by a romantic interest of his. However, he declined because he believed it may be awkward.

Theo informs Beca in the second trailer that his label wants to sign her, making him her potential boss or supervisor. This business link and skewed power dynamic would surely render their love relationship suspicious, at most.

In the film, Kendrick plays Beca, a vibrant and ambitious college student who aspires to become a music producer. Another character in the film is Guy Bernet’s Theo, a manager in the music business. According to Kendrick, Beca and Theo were initially meant to begin a romance.

Although Beca’s character had long hoped to become a well-known music producer, Kendrick claimed that she was startled that she would be acclaimed as the film’s musical star.

I was extremely astonished that they chose to take that path, but I have to admit, I needed a little convincing.

It wasn’t what she had ever wished for. I was astonished that they wanted this artist storyline with her because she had always aspired to be a producer.

But clearly, we all put a lot of effort into making it function and make sense.

Kendrick’s decision to avoid presenting a potentially poisonous connection is greatly welcomed in light of the current charges of sexual harassment that have swamped Hollywood, frequently involving a powerful guy and his employees.

She earlier told Harper’s Bazaar that she had to “laugh off” demands for sexier attire. She remarked, “I’m like, that’s not why people are coming to see the movie.” “There’s no doubt that they aren’t coming due of our sexual attractiveness. It’s great that audiences want to watch a movie about outcasts and girls of all sizes and forms.

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