An old hillbilly has a beautiful young bride.

Rabbit Sellers Have S*x With Old Man’s Wife An old hillbilly has a beautiful young bride. One day a salesman comes to his door selling rabbits. “That’s a mighty fine looking rabbit you have there,” says the old man. “How much do you want for it? 11 “This one sells for 20 bucks,” says the salesman. “That’s mighty expensive for a rabbit,” says the hillbilly. “Tell you what, my wife is really beautiful. I’ll bet you I can look at her without getting a hard-on and you can’t. Winner gets the rabbit.” So, the salesman agrees, and the older man tells his wife to take off her clothes and get on the bed with her legs spread apart She is gorgeous. The old man pulls down his pants and his dick is totally flaccid. “Now it’s your turn,” he says to the salesman. The salesman pulls down his pants to reveal a raging hard-on. He pounces on the wife and begins humping away. “Ha! You lose!” says the older man. “You can keep the damn ra-A-A-A-A-bbit!” screams the salesman!

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