An Eldery man who wanted to make his younger wife Pregnant

there was an eldery man who wanted to

make his younger wife

pregnant he went to the doctor to get a sperm

count the doctor told him to take a

specimen cup home feel it and bring it

back the elder man came back the next

day the specimen cup was empty and the

lead was on it the doctor asked what was the

problem the old man said well I tried

with my right hand nothing I tried with

my left hand nothing so my wife tried

with her right hand nothing her left

hand nothing her mouth

nothing then my wife’s friend tried

right hand left hand mouth still

nothing the doctor

replied wait a minute did you say your

wife’s friend too the elder man

answered yeah and we still couldn’t get

the lead of the specimen

cup two guys are standing in line to enter

Heaven one turned around and asked asked

the other how he

died I froze to death how about you I

had a heart

attack how did that

happen well I suspect that my wife was

cheating on me so after work I went

straight home I ran upstairs to find my

wife sleeping by herself then I ran back

downstairs and looked in all the hiding

spots when I was running back up the

stairs I had a heart

attack that’s iron

neck why if you would have looked in the

fridge we both be

alive a little boy walks into his

parents’ room while they’re having sex

the boy asks what are you doing

the mother

explains your taddy was full of hair so

I was jumping on him to get it out the

boy says that’s funny every time you

leave for work your sister comes and

blows him right back up

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