Amanda Seyfried feels uncomfortable watching herself n-ked

Even though Amanda Seyfried claims to be more at ease with her body now, she still finds it uncomfortable to watch herself in n-ked scenarios.

The blonde actress says that while she now feels “s-xy,” she still has difficulties maintaining her cool when she has to rewatch explicit video of herself. The actress has grown more comfortable with displaying her body on television.

“Finally feeling s-xy is fun. In other words, I’ve lost touch with my s-xual side. Although I am aware of its presence, it rarely comes to light in my private life. which I do think is a problem! She said to, “I’m working through that and discovering that side of me.

But when those s-x scenes start playing, I’m not sure what to do with my hands! When I’m doing something suspect, I normally conceal my eyes! Therefore, I feel really uncomfortable. I never really understand what I’m supposed to feel or how I’m supposed to act, Seyfried added.

The 25-year-old actress also talked about how Valerie, the lead in the newly revised version of the timeless fairy tale “Red Riding Hood,” appealed to her since she liked playing feisty, strong characters.

According to what she said about the part to the Long Island Press, “I guess the initial direction I had for Valerie, I separated from the conventional heroine in distress. She’s not at all distressed, you know. She is a young, independent woman who is striving to find her way through life while also realising her s-xuality.

“So I wanted to play it that way. She must have guts because she is the heroine. That was absolutely lovely. And I enjoy playing ladies fearlessly. She’s pretty gutsy, especially given these conditions.

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