Alison Brie ‘super comfortable’ with nud!ty

When it comes to n*de scenes, Alison Brie has no qualms. If anything, it was her director and real-life partner Dave Franco who was feeling a bit awkward.

The couple co-wrote Somebody I Used To Know, a coming-of-age dramedy starring Brie and directed by Franco. The final scene called for Brie to be starkers.

“I’m this super comfortable naked person, I’ve spent 11 years just getting Dave a little more comfortable with my nud!ty,” Brie told

“Even when we were shooting that scene, I kept disrobing before we were even shooting and Dave was like, ‘Babe, not yet, too soon.’

“Part of the reason why I love being naked and streaking and stuff like that, part of it is it’s funny to me. It lifts my energy, it makes me laugh. I was streaking around the hotel last night before our LA premiere just to get my energy up.

“But it also has a way of bonding you, right? You’re literally stripped down, looking at another person.

“We were shooting that last scene with that actor, and we started with [the camera on her]. She was a little nervous because she had never done a n*de scene before and I was like, ‘Solidarity, let me disrobe, how are you feeling?’ We locked eyes and we were really in it together. It was special.”

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