Alice Eve: ‘I should do n-de scenes’

Alice Eve feels that she “should” perform nudist scenes.

The Sex and the City actress claims she doesn’t mind being bare-naked for a role and believes it would be too limiting to never allow her to undress for the camera because she sees it as a necessary element of her career.

I don’t dislike showing off my flesh, she declared. If you have flesh, I believe it should be displayed. In addition, if you are against all of that, you are actually limiting yourself because it is all a part of the job.

But occasionally, it can be a little strange.

Alice, who previously acted in She’s Out Of My League, acknowledges that by insisting on being on set for a scene, she embarrassed her co-stars.

She said, “I was actually there the day they shot the manscaping scene,” according to the British magazine Esquire. All of them felt embarrassed.

“I didn’t like this, but a lot of guys do it, evidently. Cristiano Ronaldo, a soccer player, undoubtedly does. I find it unusual if you get rid of everything, but each to their own.

Alice, 28, claims she isn’t perfect even though she plays a geek’s ideal woman in the film.

The point is that I was the ideal girl for him, she said. That does not imply that I was the perfect woman for all men. I have to look in the mirror every day, so you better believe I’m not.

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