After leaving Prison A Beautiful Woman got a job. FUNNY JOKE

After a long stint in prison Kathy managed to secure herself a job at a candy shop she arrived on the first day wearing a proper yet practical dress however her first day was set to be retrieving candy at the front register.

the first customer came looked at the candy and asked for licorice this was on the top shelf so Kathy had to climb up and down the ladder to get it the second customer came checked the candy shelf and asked for pepper mint these were also on the top shelf so Cathy had to climb up and down the ladder again the following customers all also wanted the top shelf candy forcing Cathy to spend all day going up and down the ladder.

At the end of the day Cathy went to the owner George toask a question hey so may I ask why is all the popular candy on the top shelf George looked her up and down I uh don’t think it’s the candy they uh might have wanted to see your undergarments huh well jokes on them I don’t even wearpants .

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