Actress Who Doesn’t Want to End Her Career

With the release of Doctor Strange 2 approaching, the cast has been giving many interviews and, in the most recent of them, Elizabeth Olsen was asked about future projects after the Benedict Cumberbatch sequel, and commented on the chances of starring in a Marvel Studios movie.

She responded to On Demand Entertainment that she would be willing as long as the story was good and there was some pause beforehand.

Interviewer: “Wanda had her own TV series, which is good, but when is she going to have her own movie?”

Olsen: “Oh, I don’t know, but if they have a good story to tell, I’ll be there.”

Interviewer: “After a long break first?”

Olsen: “Yes, exactly, or even a little. Just some kind of break.”

Considering the actress’ wish, she must be hoping that the same situation she lived before WandaVision doesn’t happen. In 2021, Elizabeth Olsen revealed that even she didn’t know that Wanda was confirmed in Doctor Strange 2.

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