A wise old Farmer wanted to teach his young 18-year-old son a Lesson .

a wise old farmer wanted to teach

his young 18-year-old son about

entrepreneurship and resourcefulness to

test the boy skills he handed him a duck

and challenged him take this to the town

my son by the time you return make sure

you are in a better position than when

you started taking up the challenge with

enthusiasm the sun began his journey

towards the a bustling town as he walked

pondering how he might profit from the

duck he chanced upon a lady who by

profession provided company to lonely

Souls intrigued by the lad in his duck

she approached him with a hint of

Mischief the son proposed I want to we

strike a deal 15 minutes of your time in

exchange for this fine duck it wasn’t

every day that such a peculiar barter

proposition came her way but seeing the

uniqueness of the situation she accepted

upon spending time together the lady

found herself highly impressed with the

young man’s Vigor and charm so much so

that she made another proposition if

you’re up for another round I’ll give

you back the duck she suggested with a

wink elated by this turn of events the

boy found himself in the same position

as before still having the duck and also

having had a memorable experience

however the day Adventures weren’t over

as he walked back towards his village a

sudden noise from a nearby construction

site startled the duck the panicked bird

flew straight into the road Road right

into the path of a speeding truck

tragically the duck met its end the

truck driver a kind-hearted man jumped

out and approached the boy seeing the

dead duck and the crest Fallen face of

the young lad he felt responsible

wanting to make amends he handed the boy

a note here he said handing over 10B I’m

truly sorry for your loss by evening the

young lad returned home the father eager

to hear about his son’s day asked well

how did your day un fold the son replied

pretty good I I for a duck a duck

for a and 10 lb for a up Duck

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