A newly opened barA newly opened bar offers beer for $3.

A newly opened bar has a sign outside, beer for only $3

A man sees the sign, walks into the bar and orders a beer.

After finishing the beer, the man takes out three $1 coins from his pocket, and feeling a bit mischievous, gets up from his seat, walks to one end of the counter and places a $1 coin there. He then walks over to the other end of the counter and places another $1 coin there. Finally, he walks back to his seat and places the third $1 coin right in the middle of the counter. The bartender gives him an odd look but has no other option but to walk the entire length of the bar counter to pick up the coins.

This went on repeatedly over the next few days and each day the bartender felt more and more annoyed at the man’s behaviour.

One day, the man returns again to order a beer but realises he doesn’t have enough $1 coins to place them all over the counter. So, he hands the bartender a $5 note. At this point, the bartender gets all excited and thinks that it is finally his day to get his revenge on the man. The bartender quickly takes out two $1 coins and places them at opposite ends of the counter.

With a grin on his face, the bartender goes back to the man and says, “Go on then, collect your change”.

The man then takes out a single $1 coin from his pocket, slides it over to the middle of the counter, and says, “One more beer, please.”

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