A murder happens on Bone Street

The Skull detective has narrowed it down to 3 suspects: Pelvis, Femur, and Spine.

Skull sits down and interrogates each of them separately. “Pelvis is guilty. I saw them with the victim just 2 hours before they died.” Says Femur. “Pelvis was acting suspicious the day after the victim died, and I think I saw blood on them, too.” Says Spine “I don’t know anything about what you’re talking about, but I was nowhere near Bone Street last week. I was away on vacation.” Says Pelvis.

Skull thinks for a while, and then arrests Femur and Spine. His Captain is livid, and questions him. “Why did you arrest those two?” “They both are responsible, they were trying to frame Pelvis. Nobody else could have done it, so it must have been them.” “What makes you think Pelvis is innocent? We have two witness to one, Pelvis could be lying to you.” “Impossible-” Says Skull. “Hips don’t lie.”

Thought of this one on the drive to work today. It may not be great but it’s mine.

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