A man was playing Golf and he got into the wrong Hole

a man was playing goLF and he got lost

he saw a lady up ahead of him and went

to her saying can you please help me I

don’t know what hole I’m on she told him

you are one hole behind me I’m on seven

and you are on six he tanked her and

continued playing golf later he got lost

again and saw the same lady kind of

embraced he approached her once more I’m

sorry to bother you again but I’m lost

can you please tell me what hole I’m on

she replied you are one hole behind me

I’m on 14 and you are on 13 grateful for

her help he continued playing golf when

he finished he saw her in the clubhouse

and offered to buy her a drink for

assisting him she accepted as they were

drinking and talking he asked her about

her occuption she answered I’m mean Sals

surprised he said no kidding so am I

what do you sell she hesitated finding

it embracing to ril after some instin

sense she finally said she would tell

him only if he promised not to laugh he

agreed she confessed I sell sary napkins

he burst into laughter and fell to the

floor she reminded him you promised you

wouldn’t laugh still chuckling he

managed to say say I’m sorry but I

couldn’t help it I sell toilet paper I’m

still one hole behind you

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