A Man Goes to a Doctor’s Office About His Tool

A man goes to a Doctor’s Office about his p*nis
A man walks gingerly into the office where he is met by a nurse with whom he speaks to “Err, nurse? Excuse me, this isn’t easy for me to say, but you have to promise you won’t laugh”
“Well, sir, on my honour as a nurse and a lady, in my 20 years in this profession, I haven’t once laughed at a patient. I’ve seen all manners of shapes and sizes, you can trust that I shall remain professional and courteous”
The man, satisfied with her response, dropped his trousers to around his knees, exposing the tiniest penis the nurse had ever seen (no larger than a AAA battery), and with that, she couldn’t contain her laughter.

Instantly and without warning she was rolling around on the floor, tears streaming down her face as she laughed. After about 5 minutes (possibly the longest 5 minutes of the man’s life) she finally managed to stand up and compose herself.

“I’m so terribly sorry sir. Please forgive me, that was wholly unprofessional. Now, what seems to be the issue”
“It’s swollen…”

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