A Man Decided To find and Marry a Perfect Blonde.

Hugh Hefner decided to marry he sent his talent scouts out to look for

the perfect blonde the scouts were given strict criteria but of course one of the

criteria is that must be natural blonde and it could only be confirmed by Hugh

at a personal interview the day came where it had been narrowed down to three

applic an the first applicant entered the interview room absolutely beautiful

blonde woman Hugh was wrapped but of course the final criteria had to be met

so Hugh asked the woman to prove she was natural blonde by removing the

underwear and sure enough it was all black so shewas sent packing Hugh was

devastated to say the least because the second blonde suffered the same fate

so it was down to one woman left she came into the room absolutely stunning

blonde Hugh was smitten but the final criteria had to be proven and alas she

too was all black Hugh was beside himself with grief to have not found the

perfect blonde but this one had a wild card up her sleeve she asked Hugh to

place his hand on the table why asked Hugh please please place your hand on

the table she asked again Hugh placed his hand on the table at which point she

whipped off her shoe and slammed his thumb with the Stiletto heel Hugh

screamed in pain look at my thumb he screamed it is going blue already to

which the lady replied well how do you think I feel you have only been banged once

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