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A man and his wife check into a hotel.

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A man and his wife check into a hotel.

A man and his wife check into a hotel. The husband wants to have a drink at the bar, but his wife is extremely tired so she decides to go to their room to rest.

She lies down on the bed. Suddenly a train passes by very close to the window and shakes the room. Thinking this must be a freak occurrence, she lies down once more. Again a train shakes the room and throws her onto the floor.

Irritated, she calls the front desk and asks for the manager. The manager says he’ll be right up. The manager is skeptical but the wife insists the story is true.

“Look, lie here on the bed — you’ll be thrown right to the floor!” So he lies down next to the wife.

Just then the husband walks in. “What are you doing here?!” the husband asks.

“Would you believe I’m waiting for a train?” the manager says.

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