A man and a woman are travelling and having FUN

A man and a woman had been travelling the past couple of weeks and were now enjoying

their day at the beach.

The man asks the woman, What do you think?

Shall we go today to a nude beach and fully enjoy the sunshine?

The woman agrees and so they go and start sunbathing.

After a few minutes, a loud scream is heard and the woman jumps and says: Something flew

into my vagina.

Quickly we need to go to a doctor.

So they quickly took their towels to cover themselves and started running towards the

nearest hospital.

Once there they go inside and the woman throws the towel away.

She says to the doctor, Doctor, doctor, something flew directly inside me between my legs.

You must help me and take it out.

So he moves in closer and tries to take a better look inside when he says, I think that’s


We need to do something quickly to get it out.

They think for a while and then the doctor says, I can think of a way to lure it out.

I can put some honey on my manhood and try to pull it out.

Shocked, the couple thinks for a while and then agrees as there’s no other way.

They need to do something and fast.

So the doctor puts some honey on his member and goes in.

After a while he starts moving faster and now the man is very confused and shouts, What

are you doing?

I thought you would only put it in once and just lure it out.

The doctor then said, I changed my mind.

I’m going to drown it.

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