A Lovely Blonde Wife Got her foot stuck while taking a Bath.

a blonde wife luxuriates an a steaming bat her toes playfully dancing around

the hot and cold Taps suddenly Panic sets in as she realizes her big toe is

trapped in the T with a cry for help she summons her husband to the rescue good

grief darling what have you gotten yourself into now her husband Chuckles

amused by the predicament I’ll need to call the plumber for this one he hastily

covers her modesty with an old jockey’s cap from the Hat Box handing it to her

with a smirk here this should do the trick an hour later the plumber arrives

and to the blonde wife’s surprise he too is a blonde with a quick assessment of

the situation he sizes her up and delivers his verdict well I can free

your toe from the tap he begins his tone serious but as for Willie Carson down

there I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do

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