A guy walks into a drug store for his sore itchy butt

A guy walks into a drug store and tells the pharmacist he needs something to relieve his sore, itchy butt

The pharmacist says “it sounds like hemmerhoids.” He hands him a box of 6 suppositories and tells him to use one. If it doesn’t help after an hour then use another.”

The guy heads home, opens the box, unwraps the foil and pops it in his mouth. It tastes terrible but figures he can tolerate it to relieve his discomfort. Sure enough, after an hour there’s no relief so he eats another. He does this every hour until all six are gone.

The guy goes back to the pharmacist and says “I need some more of those suppositories.” The shocked pharmacist says “what the hell did you do, eat them?” “No,” the guy remarks sarcastically, “I shoved them up my @ss!!”

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