A guy walks into a bar with a frog… FUNNY JOKE

A guy walks into a bar with a frog…
…and sits down to order a drink, setting his frog (in its cage) on the bar. A few seats away from him sits a beautiful, young woman. They’re the only two at the bar, so after awhile, with curiosity eating away at her, she asks,

“So what’s with the frog?”

The guy responds, “Well, he’s no ordinary frog. He can do this special trick.”

The girl, now interested, asks, “What’s the trick?”

To which the guy responds, “Ah- well… It’s kind of a taboo sort of thing. It would make you uncomfortable.”

But, the girl insists, until finally the guy gives in and tells her what the trick is. “My frog, he, well, he eats pussy.”

The girl is shocked, but also somewhat excited, so she asks, “Can I try it?”

The guy says, “Okay, sure. I’ve got a few hours to kill. I have a hotel room across the street, here’s the key, just take him over there and let him do his thing.”

So the girl takes the frog and heads over to the hotel. After a little while, the phone at the bar rings, and the bartender hands it to the guy. The girl is on the other end.

“Hey, so, I’m sitting up here, spread-eagled, n@ked on the bed, and the frog is just staring at me, not doing anything. What gives?”

The guy lets out a sigh and says, “Okay, hang on, I know what to do. I’ll be right over.” And sure enough, there was the girl, n@ked on the bed, the frog just staring at her. So the guy walks up to the frog, shakes his fist at it and says,

“I’m only gonna show you how to do this one more time!”

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