A Drunк Woman got in to the Taxi

A drunк woman, stark nакеd, jumped into a taxi in New York City. The taxi driver, who happened to be an old Punjabi man, opened his eyes wide and stared at the woman. He made no attempt to start the cab.
She said to him, “What’s wrong with you honey? Haven’t you ever seen a nакеd woman before?”
The old man said “Lady, I’m not staring at you, I am telling you, det vould not be proper vair I come from”.
She said, “Well, if you’re not staring at my воовs sweetie, what are you doing then?”
He said, “Vell, I am looking and I’m looking, and I am tinking to myself, vair in da hеll is dis lady keeping de money to pay for dis ride?”

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