A Divorced man meet a divorced Woman in Bar

a recently divorced man sits

down at a bar he glumly orders a drink

and notices a woman sitting at the end

of the bar the man figures he’s divorced

now might as well get back into the game

so he walks over and starts chatting

what’s a beautiful woman like you doing

sitting in a bar drinking by

themselves oh I don’t want to talk about

it I just got divorced and it’s been

hard I really loved him we’re just too

different for it to work what a

coincidence the man replies I’m also

recently divorced and I loved her as

well we were just too different for it

to work Why didn’t it work out with your

husband well it’s a little embarrassing

but I’ve had a couple drinks so why not

I was too kinky in bed and it just

freaked him out out even though I loved

him dearly we just didn’t click in bed

so we had to let each other go the man

is astonished you’ll never believe this

but my wife and I divorced for the same

reason I was just too freaky for her

taste and we couldn’t make it work the

two continue to chat and it’s obvious

that there is a lot of chemistry they

finish their drinks and the woman

invites the man back to her apartment

make yourself at home she says while I

slip into something a little more

uncomfortable the man hangs up his hat

and coat and sits down on her couch

while the woman goes to the bedroom she

puts on her tightest leather Teddy opens

her bag of toys and selects a

particularly domineering 11in stick a

long feather a pair of handcuffs a

riding crop a pair of nipple clamps and a latex

balaclava excitedly she walks back to

the living room only to see the man

putting on his hat and coat making ready

to leave wait a minute she exclaims

where are you going I thought we were

about to have some amazingly kinky fun

the man replies well I already screwed

your couch and took a in your purse

I think I’m good here

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