A College Professor was in a confessional Booth

a college professor was in a

confessional Booth talking to the priest

father my wife has been out of town he

said after class today A beautiful young

coet invited me back to her dorm room I

know it’s wrong but I’ve never been in a

situation like this before and she was

just so beautiful and young I can’t

believe it myself but I agreed to go we

St started having well you know and then

her roommate walked in next thing I know

she joins us and all three of us are

well you know the priest sigh deeply the

violation of marriage Wows is a serious

scene said the priest I’m not sure that

I can give you any Penance right now

that would fit such a grave sin I’m

sorry said the professor I’m neither

Catholic nor Jewish I don’t need your

forgiveness then why are you telling me

this asked the priest are you kidding

replied the professor I’m telling


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