A Chicken Goes to a Fox for Therapy

are feeling and why you are feeling this way. Sergio says “When I was a young chick, I was abused by a relative. My parents did not believe me. Then, my older brother Jesus Cortez, was killed horrifically in a farming accident. He was shredded into chicken fingers right before my eyes. My parents blamed me for his death and wished I had died instead.

The therapist says ” That’s horrible, you must feel so much trauma. Let’s talk about it before you do anything.” Sergio interrupts “You don’t understand, my parents and I reconciled some years back. We have a great relationship now and I no longer feel sad about my brother’s death. But when I was 18 I signed up for the military and was sent far away from home. I did horrible things, slaughtered women and children. I still see their faces sometimes.” The therapist responds “I see, many veterans of war suffer from depression, especially if you did something that compromised your morals so deeply.” Sergio replies “Doc, I’ve never told anyone this, but I enjoyed it! People, deep down, are basically animals I believe.

I was like a blood thirsty wolf and when I see the faces of my victims I smile. But after the war I became so lonely. I no longer had my war buddies and I’ve always been an ugly duckling so no woman wanted to have sex with me.” The therapists nods and says ” I see, loneliness can be very very hard on a person, but i can help you with strategies to make friends, your lonliness is only temporary and suicide is permanent.”

Sergio interrupts “Doc its OK now. After a couple years of bumming around I got a good paying job and found a woman who appreciated what I can provide for her. I have 5 daughters and 5 sons and I haven’t felt lonely in years. Really, I’m doing great!”
The therapist, puzzled, asks” I don’t understand, if you are feeling so amazing why are you wanting to commit suicide?”
The chicken replies ” To get to the other side.”


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