Tom got a Girl

Tom was so shy he’d never had the courage to ask a girl out
so his mate Jack decided to take him out on the town and get
him laid. Halfway through the evening they were drinking in
a nightclub when a girl at the other end of the bar winked at
“Hey, Jack,” he stuttered, “that girl over there winked at me.
What shall I do?”
“Wink back,” said Jack.
A little later she smiled at him.
“Hey, Jack, she’s smiling at me now.”
“Well, smile back,” said Jack.
A moment later he turned to his mate again and gasped,
“Jack, Jack, she’s just leant forward and shown me her t*ts.
What should I do?”
“Show her your nuts,” said Jack who was busy chatting up
someone else.
So Tom turned to face the girl, put one finger in his ear, one
finger up his nose and hollered like a jackass.

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