A group of Troubled boys

A group of young boys were always getting into trouble on
the estate so the local vicar decided to intervene and speak
to each of them about their behaviour. When it was
Johnny’s turn to go in, he sat down nervously wondering
what was going to happen. As with the other boys, the vicar

decided to find out how much the boy knew about God
and whether he understood the difference between right
and wrong. The vicar began with the question, “Where is
Johnny stared at him in amazement but did not answer.
Again the question was asked, this time more forcibly.
“I said, where is God,” he bellowed.
Frightened out of his skin, Johnny raced from the room, ran
all the way home and hid in the wardrobe. His older brother
followed him upstairs and shouted through the door.
“What’s happened?”
“Oh Tom, we really are in trouble this time. God has gone
missing and they think we did it.”

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