Eddie Murphy's Heartbreakers: A closer Look at the 7 Girlfriends who stole his heart

Since June is synonymous with Pride month, we compiled a few must watch LGBTQI movies to see in the weeks ahead.

She couldn't help but be pulled to Eddie Murphy's magnetic personality and seductive charm. She made every effort to get his attention, but the elusive comic always managed to elude her. She observed him dating other women from a distance, but she couldn't get rid of the sensation that she and Eddie were meant to be. No matter how hard he tried to fight it, she was determined to win his heart.

7.Whitney Houston

6.Nicole Murphy

When Eddie Murphy met model Nicole Mitchell in 1988, his romantic life became more serious.The couple married in 1993, after dating for five years. Five stunning children were born into their partnership. But despite the couple's close relationship Nicole took the painful decision to divorce Eddie in 2005.

5.Paulette McNeely

In 1989, Eddie Murphy and Paulette McNeely got acquainted and had a son they called Eric. Although little is known about this brief connection, it is important because Eric was born before Murphy's first child with Nicole Mitchell, whom he eventually married in 1993.

4.Tamara Hood

Eddie Murphy and Tamara Hood had a baby together, Christian, in November 1990. The details of their relationship are mainly unclear, however it is known that Christian spent holidays with Eddie Murphy and his half-siblings.

3.Melanie Brown

Eddie Murphy and Melanie Brown, widely known as the Spice Girl Mel B, had a daughter, Angel Iris, after their brief engagement in 2006. Brown insisted repeatedly that the pregnancy was planned and that they had even intended to be married, even though Murphy initially denied fatherhood.

2.Tracey Edmonds

Eddie Murphy and TV producer Tracey Edmonds had a turbulent relationship that included a symbolic wedding in 2007 but ended quickly. According to accounts, there was a lot of tension at the wedding. Guests reportedly saw that Murphy seemed uninterested and that the pair quarrelled throughout the ceremony, which ultimately led to their split.

1.Paige Butcher

Eddie Murphy started dating Australian model Paige Butcher in 2012, and the two have a child together. The couple had maintained a quiet profile, but they generated buzz when they appeared in front of the public on January 10, 2023, at the Golden Globe awards.